Is Your Child Struggling To Keep Up With Online Learning? These 4 Tips Will Help

Covid-19 has thrown every imaginable challenge our way.

From unemployment to death and everything in between the two, the last 18 months have been like an unscripted sequel to a twisted Survivor series.

We don’t know what’s going to happen next and we don’t have the time to prepare for it either.

We’ve had to figure it out on the fly.

One area of grave concern has been education. Particularly the education of young children. Parents don’t want their kids to miss out on learning, but many of them don’t have the skills or resources to facilitate learning in the home environment.

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If this is your struggle, the following tips will help you get your kids on track.

1.Set a schedule and stick to it

This is critical. The home is not an environment that easily facilitates learning, so you must create a schedule for your child.

A schedule keeps students aware of when they’re expected to do school work and when it’s okay for them to play.

Put the schedule on flipchart paper or cardboard and display it where your child can see it.

You can even add some fun to it by dressing up as a teacher and using a school bell sound to mimic the school setting!

2. Set up a learning space

A schedule and a designated learning space is the best way to mimic the classroom setting.

If there is a vacant room in your home, you can clear it out and put all kinds of educational resources on the walls.

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Furnish the room with a table and chair along with your child’s laptop, desktop computer, or iPad.

If you don’t have a room, pick a corner of your living room that doesn’t face the TV or other forms of distraction.

3. Get various activities for similar tasks

Studies show that people learn best when taught in a variety of ways.

If you teach one concept in a way that allows your child to write, read, discuss and practice it, they’ll learn faster.

While you might not have the skills to facilitate all these learning methods, there are many resources online that can help.

4. Hire a virtual tutor

When all else fails, hire a virtual tutor. They have all the skills necessary to engage your child and facilitate learning online.

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However, it depends on your child’s learning needs. Some tutors might recommend a mix of in-person and online learning for maximum effect.

While you may have concerns about this, you can always request for a tutor to be vaccinated and practice social distancing when teaching your child.

There’s an endless list of methods that you can use to engage your kid. As a parent, you should be able to see what works for them.

While this might be a daunting task, remember that no one in the world was prepared for the pandemic — so finding help won’t be hard!