You probably have personal experience with shopping online — I mean who doesn’t, right?

People have been doing more shopping online than ever before — and it’s so convenient it’s unlikely the trend will stop growing anytime soon.

Have you ever considered where all those online stores come from, though?

They’re from people just like you, who decided to quit their day job and become their own boss.

You’ve seen the results — everyone shops online!

Here are 8 solid reasons you should take control of your life by building your own marketing business:

  1. Free Live Training
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So you don’t…

If you’re a dog lover like me then you know that choosing just one dog as a pet is not an easy feat. To be honest, I wanted them all! But I had to settle for just one of the fur babies to be my best friend.

Choosing a dog is like having to choose one candy from the whole store. You don’t want to be looking back after choosing, wondering if you’ve made the right choice or if you should’ve chosen another. And the fact that there are a host of breeds of dogs doesn’t make it any easier!

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Covid-19 has thrown every imaginable challenge our way.

From unemployment to death and everything in between the two, the last 18 months have been like an unscripted sequel to a twisted Survivor series.

We don’t know what’s going to happen next and we don’t have the time to prepare for it either.

We’ve had to figure it out on the fly.

One area of grave concern has been education. Particularly the education of young children. …

As a driver, what do you try to avoid more than anything? Getting into accidents.

The legal process of getting compensation is a hassle, not to mention the pain and physical distress that accompanies your injuries. The thing about accidents, though, is that as much as we try to avoid them, it’s not entirely up to us to stay safe. There are other drivers out there — and they may not be as cautious as you!

Covering a shift in your 18-wheeler can turn into something else or an afternoon trip to the supermarket can become a two-car smash-up. The…

You can be the most skillful driver on the roadways and still end up in an accident. Why? Because not everyone has the same driving skills as you. The same goes for other causes of car accidents.

You may pride yourself on never letting a drop of alcohol touch your lips once you have to drive but get into an accident with a drunk driver. Because not everyone has the same mindset as you.

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In the same way, you might’ve neglected to take defensive driving classes… there’s no rule that says you have to learn it, especially since these classes…

Health insurance is one of the most important types of insurance people in America can have.

Sadly, for those who depend on affordable insurance from the government through the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the future of their coverage hangs in the balance of a court battle. To make matters worse, many people (millions) have lost coverage due to the COVID-19 pandemic — thank you 2020.

So, what does this uncertainty mean for those who have ACA coverage?

It means that if the case goes in favor of the ACA, they will continue to receive coverage, and if it doesn’t they…

If you don’t already own a car, then there’s no better time than the present to get one. If you already have a car, it’s also as good a time as any to upgrade your vehicle if you’re thinking of doing so.

A car is more than just a status symbol, it’s a necessity. With the current pandemic plaguing the world and the social distancing regulations in place, investing in a car is a wise choice. You’ll feel a lot more comfortable and secure traveling in your own car than on a bus or in a taxi with others.


Military veterans are a unique class of people that have been given numerous benefit programs over the years. You might think that by now they’re compensated, but until you’ve been in a war-torn community with only your gun and your instincts with you — you won’t understand.

Veterans are the real reason there is peace in America.

When the war was raging, and Japan attacked Pearl Harbor in World War II, these brave men and women donned uniforms and arms to keep America safe! So why shouldn’t we support veterans?

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Today, there are numerous ways in which you can donate…

Car accidents are the worst! If you’ve never been in one before — lucky you! The craziest thing about it is that the actual accident is the shortest and most straightforward part!

The legal aspect of it, the car repairs, dealing with injuries — that’s where all the stress is!

Statistics show that over 6 million people die in car accidents in the US every year — yes — every single year! That works out to about 16,438 per day. …

Is pandemic protection an aspect of insurance that needs to be added? We have life insurance, car insurance, fire insurance, and even job insurance but do these have a clause that says, “In case of global pandemic you shall receive $200,000”? I think not! If Covid-19 has taught us anything, it’s that anything is possible — and I mean anything!

Who would have thought that unemployment rates would have hit an all-time high in a matter of 4 months?

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If you are still employed in these times then you should be grateful! Many people have lost the right to meals…

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